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Approved: November, 2015/ Amended: November, 2016


Registrations must be submitted to the Registrar by the established deadlines to ensure membership.

Late registration will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.



The Board of Directors shall have discretionary power to set registration fees.  All such player registration fees are due and payable upon registration of the player.

Late registration may entail an additional fee as prescribed by the Board of Directors.
Refunds: Once the registration deadline passes, NO REFUNDS will be given.  A request for refund must come prior to the registration deadline, at the deadline insurances for each player are paid, uniforms for each player are ordered, and teams are created equally.



Special consideration will be given to those considered as "hardship" cases. The determination of "hardship" is at the discretion of the In-house/Travel Coordinator and the Registrar.



PA West establishes age-group classifications for the seasonal year.



Any member may be expelled or suspended for a serious violation of the Club's By-Laws, Rules and Regulations or for conduct detrimental to the best interests of the Club.


Any member may face disciplinary action for any divergence of the Club's By-Laws and/or Rules and Regulations.

Such action can only be taken upon a two-thirds vote of HSC's Board of Directors present.

At any Board of Directors meeting, the accused party shall be given full opportunity to submit matters in rebuttal, mitigation or extenuation of the allegations.

Such action may be based either upon an original complaint or upon the Board's own actions.







The referee has full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game as they apply to any match to which he has been appointed.

The referee may stop, suspend or terminate the match because of outside interference of any kind.

The referee will provide PA West with a match report, which includes information on any disciplinary action taken against players, and/or team officials and any other incidents that occurred before, during or after the match.



The Hopewell Soccer Club Executive Board of Directors reserves the exclusive right to appoint all coaches in the Hopewell Soccer Club organization (Travel/In-House)
Coaches must maintain at all times, conduct that conveys good sportsmanship and respect for all players, coaches, referees and spectators.

Coaches are expected to present themselves as good role models, exhibiting ethical and moral behavior.



The Hopewell Soccer Club Executive Board of Directors reserves the exclusive right to determine placement of all players within the Hopewell Soccer Club as well as any corresponding teams they may play on, wether it be Recreational In-House or through PaWest Travel.
Players are to treat opponents with respect and play within the rules of the game.

Players are to respect the officials and accept their decisions without argument.

Players are to consider it a privilege to represent HSC and their community and should conduct themselves in a responsible manner.



Spectators are expected to offer encouragement to all the players. Derogatory remarks directed at opposing players either by name or jersey number are cause for ejection.

Spectators are to view all games from the side of the field opposite of the bench area.

Spectators are representing HSC and the Hopewell community at both home and away matches and should conduct themselves in a responsible manner.






1.1  The President shall appoint the Nominating Committee not more than two (2) months prior to the annual coaches meeting in June.  The committee shall consist of four (4) current and/or former members of good standing in HSC, one of which shall be a current member of the Board of Directors.


1.2  The President shall appoint an Election Judge thirty (30) days prior to the election occurring at the coaches meeting. The Election Judge shall not be a member of the Board of Directors or a candidate for office. The Election Judge shall then appoint the Talliers.


1.3  Nominees for elected positions must be residents of the Hopewell Area School District.  To be nominated, a nominee must have attended a minimum of three (3) meetings during the previous 12 months prior to the election.  A nominee must be present at the time of nomination to accept or have submitted a Letter of Acceptance to the HSC Board of Directors prior to the meeting.  Lastly, the nominee must be in good standing with the Club.


1.4  The Nominating Committee shall solicit the candidates for any vacant position and secure their individual permission to be placed in nomination for a specific office.


1.5  The Nominating Committee shall publicize in writing its proposed slate of officers, to the general membership at least (30) days prior to the election meeting, and such publication shall be in the form of the HSC newsletter and/or posted at the Club fields.


1.6  The Nominating Committee must first consider candidates who possess prior Board experience with HSC for the office of President. If no current or past member of the board accepts nomination for the office of President, this elected position shall be open to the general membership at large.


1.7  If there is more than one candidate for a given office, the elections shall be by secret written ballots. Prior to the vote, each candidate shall be given the opportunity to present his or her qualifications and objectives for a period of time not to exceed 5 minutes.


1.8  Any officer (elected and/or appointed) may succeed himself for as many terms as the membership sees fit to return him/her to that office.


1.9  If there is only one nominee for any position, that position shall be declared by acclamation thus alleviating the necessity of any vote.


1.10  The President shall cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie.


1.11  Elected Board of Director positions are two (2) year terms.





2.1  Two-thirds members of the Board of Directors constitute a quorum.


2.2  Voting by proxy (voting for another not in attendance) shall not be permitted. In the case of unavoidable absence, the President may accept written, electronic or phone votes.


2.3  The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors shall include but are not limited to the following:


Transact the business of the Club in intervals between general membership meetings.

Enforce and interpret the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of HSC.

Review the Constitution; By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the HSC to ensure consistency with the provisions of affiliate organizations, to remedy inequities or inconsistencies, and to recommend to any special or general meeting of the membership desirable changes to the Constitution and By-Laws.

Define and establish Rules and Regulations of HSC.

Approve the expenditure of funds for specific purposes and fund-raising projects.

Create and/or abandon committees, as deemed necessary, i.e. Membership Committee, Budget Audit Committee, and Rules, Appeals and Discipline Committee.

Establish temporary rules and regulations for specific cases not provided for elsewhere, but which are deemed necessary by the Board to carry out the objectives of the Club.

Present short and long-term goals for the HSC.

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for and have the final authority in all Club matters except as otherwise provided.


2.4  Quarterly meetings will be held during the playing seasons and off-seasons with the exception of December (at the Board's discretion).  Meetings will be held in January, March, August, and November.  A 5th meeting titled “Coaches Meeting”  will occur Annually in May or June.  Notice of each regular meeting should be prominently included in the Club's newsletter and/or posted at the Club fields.


2.5  Members of the Board are expected to regularly attend the quarterly Board meetings. Three (3) consecutive unexcused absences may be cause for review.


2.6  All meetings shall be conducted under Robert's Rules of Order.


2.7  Members of the Board of Directors, excluding the President, are entitled to cast a vote for the election of officers at the biennial coaches meeting. This may be in addition to any vote cast as a team representative.


2.8  In order to maintain a smooth transition of operations of the Club, any Officer of the Board of Directors upon leaving their position shall transfer all documentation and pertinent information to his/her successor within a period of thirty (30) days.




The duties and responsibilities of the elected Officers include but are not limited to the following:



Preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors.

He/She shall establish all committees and define their duties as may be necessary to carry on the work of the Club.

Ensure the integrity and future of the HSC by administering the organization within the guidelines of the HSC Constitution and By-Laws.

Oversee all organization activities, which allow HSC to achieve its goals.
Oversee Uniforms, Equipment and Fields.

Ensure that all members of the Board of Directors and all other volunteers are aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Act as and/or appoint liaison between township(s), and the Hopewell Area school district.

Set the agenda for and conduct all organizational meetings.

Ensure an accurate inventory of the Club's assets is recorded and maintained.

In conjunction with the Treasurer, prepare budgets for each year.

Represent the HSC at the PA West Board meetings and report the proceedings to the Board of Directors.

Serve as an ex-officio member and abstain from voting on issues put forth by the Board or at general meetings unless such votes have resulted in a tie. The President shall then cast the deciding vote.



Shall perform all the duties of the President in any temporary absence or disability of the President.

May represent HSC at the PA West Board meetings.

Assist with Uniforms, Equipment and Fields.
Perform Duties of the Referee Assignor in the absence of this position.



Keep the minutes of all Board of Director and annual general meetings of HSC.

Conduct the correspondence of the Club: including requesting the use of various facilities for such things as practice sites, training, special events.

Keep accurate records of all activities within the Club.

Keep and safeguard all confidential materials and ensure these documents are complete and current.



Maintain all financial records of HSC.

Collect dues, registration fees and all other monies.

Present a concise, written Treasurer's report at the regular quarterly Board meetings and the annual coaches meeting.

Is responsible for all funds and the payment of all bills approved by the Board of Directors.

In conjunction with the President, prepare budgets for each year.

Oversee concession stand coordinators as well as any purchasing.



Ensure registration dates are publicized in a timely manner.

Compile all player and team registrations.

Keep a copy of every player's birth certificate on file.

Keep accurate records of the Club's registered coaches, players and referees.

Complete all player rosters for PA West registration as determined by PA West deadlines

Register all players with PA West through the District Registrar.

Distribute player information to Coordinators and/or Commissioners as necessary.

Prepare PA West Player Passes and rosters for travel teams.

Maintain accurate and up-to-date mailing list for Club newsletters.



The duties and responsibilities of the appointed officers include but are not limited to the following:




May appoint a Head Referee and assign duties accordingly.

Schedule referee and linesmen for all games (In-House and Travel Home games).

In coordination with the Field Assignor, schedule game times and fields for travel teams home games.

Be the direct contact between PA West and HSC for any issues regarding referees.

Schedule and organize referee training throughout the year which may consist of PA West or Club training.

Recruit new referees.

Continually evaluate the Club's referee program.

Assist in the development and implementation of a plan to instill good sportsmanship among players, coaches, and referees.

Ensure that all fields are game-ready before each game day (goals in place, field painted, flags in place, etc.).

Ensure that all game fields are safe for playing soccer.




Oversee all Travel teams.

Assist Registrars with recruiting coaches.

Assist Registrars with the selection of teams.

May propose roster exceptions to the HSC Board of Directors contingent upon its guidelines and PA West regulations.

Schedule and organize coaches' training throughout the year.

Schedule and conduct player assessments for the purpose of determining teams based on skill levels and coaches' evaluations

Provide resources to continually improve the quality of the teaching of soccer skills to all Travel players.

Be the direct contact between PA West and HSC for any issues regarding the Travel program.

Disseminate relevant travel information to Travel Age-Group Coordinators and coaches.

Collect and distribute tournament information such as registration fees, location, dates and times, submittal deadlines.

Assist Registrar in organizing player passes and rosters for registration.

Collect player passes and rosters at the end of each season from the Travel Coordinators to be returned to the Registrar.

Ensure that all fields are game-ready before each game day (goals in place, field painted, flags in place, etc.).

Ensure that all game and practice fields are safe for playing soccer.
Organize/Schedule field usage in concurrence with HSC needs for In-House and Travel games/practices. 
Communicate with Classic Tenants on Field Needs/Usage.



Report activities and concerns to the Board of Directors

Recruit coaches based on HSC philosophies and guidelines.

Ensure all coaches have their licenses/modules and clearances.

Help the Registrar form the In-House teams.

Encourage coaches to attend appropriate training.

Ensure all teams have uniforms.

Collect player evaluations upon completion of spring/fall seasons.
Help promote registration and help with coordinating events regarding registration.



Concession Purchasing

Concession Operations - In-house and Travel

Recruit Volunteers to assist with concession operations

Responsible for ordering uniforms for Travel Players and In-House Players alike.  
Works in conjunction with President on designs and/or updates to uniforms as well as issues numbers based on non biased number availability.

Works to engage community businesses with the HSC.  Develops relationships with small to mediums sized business owners to allow them to provide sponsorship as an advertising tool for their company to be displayed at the HSC Complex.  
Works with social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to provide updates to the membership and promote growth in our organization.





The Board of Directors shall meet quarterly for Coaches Meetings (March,June,August,November), the June Coaches meeting will serve as the annual election meeting. Notice of each regular meeting should be prominently included in the Club's newsletter and/or posted at the Club's fields.




All meetings of the Board of Directors shall be conducted under Robert's Rules of Order.




All members are welcome to attend the open session of the regular meeting of the Board of Directors.






These positions, and any others deemed necessary, shall be established by the President to ensure the continuation of Club activities.


Field Maintenance

Youth Coaching Development


Team Manager







1.1  The philosophy of the In-house program is to have "FUN". The program is structured to emphasize maximum participation of every player, develop soccer skills and instill the value of good sportsmanship.  HSC does not keep score or league standings either by teams or individuals.


1.2  It is the responsibility of the In-House Coordinators to ensure that all coaches adhere to this philosophy during all practices and games.


1.3  Recreational In-House U4, U5, U7 & U9 age groups are co-ed.  Any exceptions must be presented to the Board for approval.


1.4  HSC encourages all players to participate in practice sessions.


1.5  In addition to playing in-house, all final year U-10 & U-12 players have the opportunity to assess for the U-10 & U-12 Travel team(s) provided such teams are formed for any given season.


1.6  The Club considers the In-House program as the training ground for its travel teams.




2.1  The philosophy of the travel program emphasizes winning, competition, and team standings. Placement on a specific travel team will be determined by competitive evaluations. HSC cannot ensure that everyone will be a member of a travel team.


2.2  HSC encourages all players to participate in practice sessions.


2.3  Each player will be entitled to participate in every game they attend and HSC strongly encourages coaches to give each player adequate playing time.


2.4  HSC firmly believes winning can be accomplished in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship among the coaches, players and spectators.


2.5  No team as a whole, which resides outside of the Hopewell Area School District, may be admitted to play for HSC.


2.6  The Club considers the travel program to be a feeder system to the Hopewell Area School District Jr. High and Varsity Soccer programs.






At no time shall any alcoholic beverages be consumed at the Hopewell Soccer Club Premises nor on any designated areas being used by HSC for games or practices. At no time shall any alcoholic beverages be purchased with Club funds.




It is of utmost importance that HSC develop and retain referees at both the travel and in-house levels.


Any and all complaints are to be directed to the Head or the Assistant Head Referee of HSC or any other officer of the Club in a discreet manner.

The referees of HSC are typically youth, who, even though they have been trained and have passed an exam, are nevertheless, in the process of developing their skills as referees. Positive reinforcement from spectators and coaches is of great value in their development.






If there is any pertinent information regarding a volunteer that causes the Board concern, the Board shall by Committee, meet with the volunteer and other individuals as deemed necessary to discuss same; and with the well-being of the children in mind, reach an appropriate decision.




It is not the goal of the organization to violate the privacy of its volunteers, but the need to protect the children of HSC is the Club's ultimate responsibility. In the final analysis, it is the Board who shall determine who the volunteers are who work with the children, subject to the Constitution and By-Laws.






1.1  By-laws may be amended or new by-laws adopted by a majority vote of the board of directors at any general meeting. Due notice must be given of the amendments or changes and the general membership notified via Club Website and/or posted at the Club fields.